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High and low temperature stacking test chamber-

High and low temperature stacking test chamber

High and low temperature stacking test chamber details and applications 1、High and low temperature stacking test chamber use High and low temperature stacking test chamber is a simulation of a variety of environmental temperature changes, goods or products for a long time constant temperature, humidity, high and low temperature alternating complex environmental conditions such as stacking stability test of the special laboratory. It is widely used in logistics, warehousing, packaging, transport and other industries, to improve product quality and ensure transport safety is of great significance. Commonly used in oil drums of the Neu temperature stacking test. Manufacturer: Dongguan Huanyi Instrument Technology Co. 2、How to realize the stacking code High and low temperature stacking test chamber using weights in the form of weights, weights of different weights stacked on top of the test samples, such as 1T, 2T weight, etc., can be replaced at any time with different weights. The laboratory adopts temperature control system, can be arbitrary equipment for different high and low temperature environment. 3、Stacking test operation process (1) Preparation stage: according to the test requirements, set the temperature, humidity and other parameters, ready to test samples. (2) Sample stacking: stacking weights in accordance with the predetermined programme to ensure that the stacking is stable and in line with the actual situation. (3) Running phase: Start the test chamber and test the samples for a long time under constant temperature, constant humidity, alternating high and low temperatures and other environmental conditions. 4、Performance parameters: (1)GBT18191-2008 "Plastic drums for dangerous goods packaging" stacking test requirements (2)Temperature control range: room temperature-70℃. (3)Temperature fluctuation:≤O.5℃ (4)Temperature uniformity: ≤ 2℃ (5)Temperature display resolution: 0.01℃. (6)Lifting mode: hydraulic cylinder positive top lifting, stroke adjustable.

ASTM G155 Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber - Structure and Features-

ASTM G155 Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber - Structure and Features

The xenon lamp aging tester uses a xenon arc lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves present in different environments, and can provide the appropriate environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development and quality control. The test equipment can be used for the selection of new materials, improvement of existing materials or to assess the durability of the changes in the composition of the material after the change of the test, the equipment can be a good simulation of different environmental conditions, the material exposure to sunlight produced by the changes. 1. The structure of xenon lamp aging test chamber composition (1) The box body adopts CNC machine tool processing and shaping, beautiful and generous shape, and the use of non-reactive handle, easy to operate; box body liner is made of imported stainless steel (SUS304) mirror plate, box body liner is made of steel spraying, increasing the appearance of the texture and cleanliness, the box body is equipped with a laminated glass observation window. (2) The equipment is mainly divided into the main part, heating, humidification, refrigeration and dehumidification part, display and control part, air conditioning part, safety protection measures part and other accessories part. (3) With a diameter of 50mm test holes, can be used for external test power lines or signal lines. (4) xenon lamp aging test box control system: temperature and humidity control instrumentation using domestic high-precision digital microcomputer integrated controller; precision: 0.1 ℃ (display range); resolution ± 0.1 ℃; temperature sensors: PT100 platinum resistance thermometer, PID self-tuning regulator to complete the temperature and humidity of the constant control and program control