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What is a formaldehyde emission climate chamber? What are the precautions for use?
What is a formaldehyde emission climate chamber? What are the precautions for use? Formaldehyde emission testing climate box: for a variety of artificial boards, composite wood flooring and other indoor decorative materials, formaldehyde emission determination, wood or artificial boards of constant temperature and humidity balance processing, can also be used for other building materials in the detection of volatile harmful gases. Design and manufacture of scientific and reasonable, easy to use, is the production enterprises, research institutions, technical supervision departments, colleges and universities and other units of the product. The limited release of formaldehyde indoor decoration materials is the world's general concern about the environmental hotspot, various types of indoor decoration materials (such as: wood-based panels, carpets, paints, wallpaper, curtains, etc.) the size of formaldehyde emissions is an important indicator of the quality of its products, the relationship between the product's impact on environmental pollution and human health. Formaldehyde emission test climate chamber test method is commonly used in foreign countries, indoor decoration, decoration materials, formaldehyde emission testing of standard methods, which is characterised by simulated indoor climate environment, test results closer to the actual, and therefore real, reliable. 1.Formaldehyde emission climate box standard foot standard: GB/T18580-2017 Formaldehyde Emission Limit of Indoor Decoration Materials, Wooden Boards and Their Products. GB18581-2009 ‘Indoor decoration materials solvent-based wood coatings in the limited amount of harmful substances’. GB18582-2008 Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Materials and Interior Wall Coatings. 2. Formaldehyde emission climate box notes: (1) every 1 ~ 2 months the water tower, water tank in the water to be replaced, open the box back of the back of the lower part of the water release valve can be (downtime). (2) formald



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