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Requirements for determination of VOC release from polymer materials
Requirements for determination of VOC release from polymer materials Requirements for determination of VOC release from polymer materials Polymer materials are organic compounds mainly composed of rubber and plastic materials, including many types such as plastics, rubber, fibers, films, adhesives and coatings. These products will release volatile organic compounds (VOC), and these gases can harm human health. Therefore, there are many relevant measurement methods and requirements at home and abroad. Requirements for measuring VOC release of polymer materials: 1.Test standards: GB/T37884-2019 Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) release in coatings GB/T 32367-2015 Rubber shoes Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of whole shoes JG/T 481-2015 Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) water-based interior wall coating materials 2. Test equipment: environmental instrument, VOC emission environmental chamber 3. Requirements for environmental chamber: A cabin made of chemically inert materials that can be used to test the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in coatings. It consists of a sealed cabin, an air filter, an air temperature and humidity adjustment control and monitoring system, a flow adjustment control device, and an air sampling system. System and other parts, the environmental test chamber volume is 20 L ~ 1 000 L. 4. Technical parameter requirements for environmental chamber: Cabin temperature: 20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, fluctuation ± 1 ℃; Relative humidity of air in the cabin: 40% ~ 60%, upper and lower deviation ±5%; Number of air changes in the cabin: 0.5 h-1~2.0 h-1; Air flow velocity near the surface of the specimen: 0.l m/s~0.3 m/s; Cabin air leakage is less than 5% of the air supply; The cabin should have a positive pressure of 10 Pa±5 Pa; The background concentration of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) is not greater than 50 ug/m³, and the background concentration of single target volatile organic compounds is not



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