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30m³ air purifier Test Chamber HYQW-30-HYQW-30

30m³ air purifier Test Chamber HYQW-30


Product Description The 30m3 air purifier Test Chamber is made of 10mm float glass, sealed with low adsorption. The air purification system of inner chamber equipped with an air filter that removes particulate matter and chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. Moreover, Accurate temperature and humidity control, Good air-tightness, and low chamber background concentration . Meets standard GB/T18801-2015 air purifier GB/T18803-2002 Indoor air quality standard GB/T21551.3-2010 Particular requirements for air purifiers with antibacterial, bacteria-killingand purifying functions for household and similar electrical appliances IEC 62301:2005 Household electrical appliances – Measurement of standby power. EPA Energy star US Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star GB 4706.45 Household and similar electrical safety - Particular Overview of environmental test chamber The structure of air purifier Test Chamber is mainly composed of the chamber, air purificationsystemandtemperature humidity control system (external), exhaust air duct, circulation air duct, air samplingsystemandpollution source generating device. Testing Chamber It is composed of 304 stainless steel and glass, including background concentration control system, gas pollutant generator and testing device, temperature and humidity control system, etc. The inside dimensionis3500D×3400W×2500H mm, about 30±0.5 cubic meter. Air purification system performance parameters: Temperature and humidity range: 15℃ ~ +40℃,35~80%RH Temperature accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5 ° C; (no load) Temp Accuracy: ≤±2% Remarks: External environment requirements: temperature and humidity range: 15℃~ +40℃, accuracy±1℃,35 ~ 80% RH humidity accuracy ±5%, the chamber temperature is automatically adjusted Performance: Meet the specified test background concentration demand time <30minLife: medium efficiency filter: ≧ 1 year High efficiency filter: ≧ 6 months Activated carbon filtration: ≧ 6 months Ozone reduction network:

Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Differential Tester-

Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Differential Tester

Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Differential Tester 1.Instrument use: For the determination of gas exchange pressure difference of medical surgical mask and other products. 2.Conformity standard: EN14683:2019; YY 0469-2011 medical surgical mask 5.7 differential pressure; YY/T 0969-2013 single-use medical mask 5.6 ventilation resistance and other standards. 3.Product features: (1) Adopting imported flowmeter, stabilizing and controlling airflow. (2) High-precision differential pressure sensor, range 0-500Pa. (3) Adopt suction type electric gas source as suction power. (4) Color touch screen display, beautiful and generous. Menu-type operation mode, the degree of convenience is comparable to smart phones. (5) The core control component adopts 32-bit multifunctional motherboard of STMicroelectronics. (6) Test time can be adjusted according to the test requirements. (7) The end of the test is equipped with an end tone prompt. (8) Equipped with special specimen clamp, easy to use. (9) Adopting air compressor as air source to supply air to the instrument, which is not restricted by the space of the test place. (10) The instrument is designed as a desktop machine with smooth operation and low noise. 4. Technical parameters: (1) Air source: suction type (electric vacuum pump); (2) Test flow: (8 ± 0.2) L / min (0 ~ 8L / min adjustable); (3) Sealing method: O-ring seal; (4) Differential pressure sensing range: 0-500Pa; (5) Specimen air permeability caliber: Φ25mm (6) Display mode: touch screen display; (7) Test time, arbitrarily adjustable. (8) Automatic recording of test data after completion of the test. (9) Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 0.5KW 5. Configuration list: (1) Host 1 unit (2) 1 certificate of conformity (3) Product instruction manual 1 copy (4) Delivery note 1 (5) acceptance sheet 1 (6) Product brochure 1 copy