What is a formaldehyde emission climate chamber? What are the precautions for use?-
What is a formaldehyde emission climate chamber? What are the precautions for use?
What is a formaldehyde emission climate chamber? What are the precautions for use? Formaldehyde emission testing climate box: for a variety of artificial boards, composite wood flooring and other indoor decorative materials, formaldehyde emission determination, wood or artificial boards of constant temperature and humidity balance processing, can also be used for other building materials in the detection of volatile harmful gases. Design and manufacture of scientific and reasonable, easy to use, is the production enterprises, research institutions, technical supervision departments, colleges and universities and other units of the product. The limited release of formaldehyde indoor decoration materials is the world's general concern about the environmental hotspot, various types of indoor decoration materials (such as: wood-based panels, carpets, paints, wallpaper, curtains, etc.) the size of formaldehyde emissions is an important indicator of the quality of its products, the relationship between the product's impact on environmental pollution and human health. Formaldehyde emission test climate chamber test method is commonly used in foreign countries, indoor decoration, decoration materials, formaldehyde emission testing of standard methods, which is characterised by simulated indoor climate environment, test results closer to the actual, and therefore real, reliable. 1.Formaldehyde emission climate box standard foot standard: GB/T18580-2017 Formaldehyde Emission Limit of Indoor Decoration Materials, Wooden Boards and Their Products. GB18581-2009 ‘Indoor decoration materials solvent-based wood coatings in the limited amount of harmful substances’. GB18582-2008 Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Materials and Interior Wall Coatings. 2. Formaldehyde emission climate box notes: (1) every 1 ~ 2 months the water tower, water tank in the water to be replaced, open the box back of the back of the lower part of the water release valve can be (downtime). (2) formald
Brief introduction of constant temperature and humidity test chamber-
Brief introduction of constant temperature and humidity test chamber
Constant temperature and humidity chamber for the industry large parts, semi-finished products, finished products of the temperature and humidity environment test, such as: computer terminals, automotive parts. Constant temperature and humidity chamber is mainly composed of control panel, switchboard, humidification library board, blower, heater, humidifier, freezer combination. 1. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber applicable range Constant temperature and humidity test chamber for electricians, electronics, instruments and other products, parts and components salt spray test chamber and materials in the high and low temperature alternating hot and humid environment of storage, transportation, use of adaptability test. Used to test and determine the electrician, electronics and other products and materials in different temperatures, humidity conditions, its resistance to humidity, drying ability and high temperature, low temperature environment, storage, transportation and use of adaptability test. 2. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber product features (1) by the control panel, switchboard, insulation board, blower, heater, humidifier, freezer combination, the main specifications distinguish between seven standard indoor size and 28 different conditions of the test specification. (2) The use of library board unit combination, the content of the volume can be enlarged arbitrarily, easy to disassemble, according to the customer needs the size of the design and with the customer to expand the migration of the plant. (3) Constant temperature and humidity chamber library board material adopts stainless steel and Midea steel baking paint material, the structure is strong, waterproof and beautiful. (4) Adopting the horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange circulation system with multi-wing center air supply method to avoid any dead angle and make the indoor temperature and humidity uniformly distributed. (5) When abnormal conditions occur, the c
28.5 cubic meter AHAM chamber-
28.5 cubic meter AHAM chamber
28.5 cubic meter AHAM chamber 28.5 cubic meters AHAM chamber in accordance with the requirements of the American Standard ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2019, the establishment of the measurement of air purifiers specific test chamber, can be used for household portable air purifier performance testing, noise testing, performance accelerated loading test, and so on. 1.Meet the standard. ANSI/AHAM AC-1:2019 Performance test methods for household portable air purifiers AHAM AC-2:2006 Noise test method for household portable air purifier AHAM AC-3:2009 Test Method for Accelerated Loading of Portable Air Purifiers for Domestic Use 2. Main test conditions: (1) Ambient conditions during loading (1) The ambient temperature during loading shall be 70+10° (21+6° C) and the humidity (RH) 40+15 %. (2) The loading time shall be 6 hours (corresponding to 90 days of simulation) ± 10% (6 hours ± 36 minutes). The error interval on the test time can be used to calibrate the error between the dust generator and the maximum air flow of the air purifier to be tested. (3) Pauses are allowed during loading, which are primarily for cleaning the particle generator, loading particulate matter, and maintenance of the air cleaner product. (4) A stopwatch was used to time the loading process. (5) The total mass of particulate matter loaded during loading should be 100+5% of the theoretical loaded mass. (6) The loading mass of dust and cigarettes is calculated according to the maximum airflow of the air purifier. 22 grams of dust ten + 90 cigarettes are needed for every 100 cim (170 m?/h) airflow of the air purifier for 90 days of simulation. The specific mass of dust ten required as well as the number of cigarettes is calculated specifically according to the actual maximum airflow of the air purifier. The particulate matter contained in the source air is ignored as the concentration is very low and will have no specific effect on the test.
Composition of power supply aging cabinet-
Composition of power supply aging cabinet
1.Basic introduction of power aging cabinet Power aging cabinet is a kind of equipment specially used for testing power supply products. It can test the stability and reliability of power supply products, etc. 2.Composition of power aging cabinet (1) host cabinet: power aging cabinet host cabinet is its core part, mainly by the constraint power supply, transformer, automatic voltage regulator, constant current source, signal generator, counter, etc., can control the power supply output voltage, current and other parameters. (2) Power supply: the power supply of the power aging cabinet is the core part of the power aging test, different power, output voltage and current can be selected from the power supply, such as AC power supply, DC power supply and so on. (3) Load: The load of the power aging cabinet is used to simulate the load state of the power supply in the working state, which is an indispensable part of the power aging test process. (4) Controller: the controller of the power aging cabinet can monitor and control the parameters of the power supply, with very flexible control and debugging capabilities. (5) auxiliary equipment: power aging cabinet auxiliary equipment, including data logger, TV channel simulator, power meter, electronic load, etc., used to assist in testing the power supply indicators. 3. The working principle of power aging cabinet The working principle of power supply aging cabinet is to output a certain voltage and current through the power supply, through the load generated by the corresponding radiation, heat, electromagnetic waves and other degradation factors, the power supply for long-term aging work, in order to simulate the power supply in a long period of time under the state of reliability and stability of the work. 4.Application of power supply aging cabinet Power aging cabinet is widely used in the production of power supply products and quality testing process, such as industrial power supply, communication power supply, comput
Into the World of VOC Environmental Chambers for Automotive Interior Parts-
Into the World of VOC Environmental Chambers for Automotive Interior Parts
Into the World of VOC Environmental Chambers for Automotive Interior Parts   In the modern automotive industry, as people's awareness of health and environmental protection increases, the interior air quality of automobiles is gradually becoming a focus of consumer attention. The so-called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are a class of organic chemical substances that can easily evaporate at room temperature, and their release in automotive interior materials may pose a potential threat to the health of passengers. Therefore, it is particularly important to detect and control the release of VOCs in automotive interior parts. Playing a key role in this process is the VOC Environmental Chamber for Automotive Interiors.   The Automotive Interior VOC Chamber is a test facility designed to simulate the release of VOCs from interior materials under different environmental conditions. Through it, manufacturers can accurately assess the level of VOCs released from automotive interiors during actual use, ensuring compliance with stringent national and international standards for in-vehicle air quality.   In terms of working principle, the VOC environment chamber simulates different environmental conditions by accurately controlling environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, air flow rate and ventilation rate inside the chamber. Under these conditions, samples of automotive interior materials placed in the chamber release VOCs, which are captured by special sampling devices and quantified by high-precision analytical instruments.   The benefits of using a VOC chamber are clear. Firstly, it can provide automakers with accurate data to support their efforts to optimize the selection of interior materials and process treatments to reduce the release of VOCs. Second, for newly developed interior materials, its environmental performance can be quickly evaluated, speeding up the R&D process. In addition, it helps to meet regulatory requirements and avoid legal risks
Analysis of the structural system inside the air purifier environmental test chamber-
Analysis of the structural system inside the air purifier environmental test chamber
Analysis of the structural system inside the air purifier environmental test chamber The air purifier environmental test chamber is a device specially designed to test the performance of air purifiers. It simulates various environmental conditions in actual use scenarios, such as different temperatures, humidity, air flow rates and pollutant concentrations. By conducting tests in the test chamber, key indicators such as the purification effect, air flow efficiency and noise level of the air purifier can be accurately assessed. 1. It usually adopts a sealed structure with the following characteristics. (1) Temperature, humidity and flow rate control: The interior of the test chamber is equipped with constant temperature, humidity and airflow regulation systems, which can simulate different conditions of temperature, humidity and air flow rate to meet various testing needs. (2) Pollutant generation system: By introducing specific concentrations and types of pollutants, such as formaldehyde and particulate matter, the real environmental conditions are simulated to further evaluate the filtration effect and purification capacity of the air purifier. (3) Data Acquisition and Monitoring: Sensors and data acquisition systems are installed in the test chamber to monitor and record air quality parameters in real time, including particulate concentration, VOC content, odor, etc., for accurate performance evaluation and comparative analysis. 2. It provides important application value in the following aspects: (1) Performance evaluation: By conducting tests in a simulated environment, the filtration efficiency, purification speed and cleaning ability of air purifiers can be objectively and accurately evaluated, providing consumers with a reliable reference basis. (2)Product development and improvement: The test chamber provides an experimental environment for air purifier manufacturers to develop, optimize and improve their products in response to different needs and market req